My name is Andrei Cristea and I am a character artist based in Iceland, primarily focused on the games industry.
I have 23 years of experience in computer graphics, working in a variety of fields related to it. I have worked as Lead Character Artist at CCP Games for 12 years, and prior to that as a freelancer for 11 years, contributing on a variety of projects including video games, cinematics, commercials, advertising, publishing, TV animations, architectural visualization, product design and concepting.

My journey started in the 80s when I was learning Basic on Z80 clones. Later on I went to study computer science, and I was active in the Demoscene in the 90’s before joining the industry as a professional. I have a strong background as a Character Artist, a foundation in Python, MEL and MAXScript and worked with game engines such as Trinity, Unreal Engine, and Godot.

In my offscreen time I am mostly immersed in modular synthesizers, film photography, or traditional art mediums.


Publications: Exposé II, Exposé VII, Exposé X, 3D Creative Magazine, 3D Artist Magazine, Digital Art Masters, Render Out, ZBrush Character Sculpting, ZBrush Essentials, EVE: Source, EVE Universe, Vertex 3, Anatomy For 3D Artists, ZBrush Characters and Creatures, PCGamer, GamesTM

Featured on: CGSociety, 3D Total, CG Channel, Polycount, ZBrush Central, Kotaku, CG Hub, ArtStation 

Tools: Zbrush, Blender, Maya, 3dsMax, Mudbox, Arnold, Vray, Mental Ray, Keyshot, Marmoset Toolbag, Xnormal, Substance Painter, 3D Coat, Quixel, Photoshop, After Effects, Unreal Engine, Marvelous Designer, R3DS Wrap



  • Understanding of Anatomy, Design Fundamentals, Color Theory and Composition

  • Organic, Hard Surface, High-Poly and Low-Poly Modeling

  • UV Mapping, Texturing, Displacement and Normal Map Creation, Skinning, Rigging

  • Retopology, LOD Creation and Optimizations

  • Character Creation and Customization Systems, PBR Rendering, Shading Networks and Workflows

  • R&D, Prototyping, Consulting, Pipelines and Tools Design

  • Mentoring, Visual targets, Outsourcing, Documentation

  • Scan Data Processing, Topology Transfer, Blendshapes, 3D Printing

  • Concept Art, Character Art Direction, Cover Illustrations and Key Art

  • Offline Rendering, LWF, Scene Assembly, Lighting, Color Grading


CCP Games
E-On Software
Hearst Magazines
Rustmonkey Studios
Nice Render
TV Designers
Lost Toy